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Chancellor's MEI Diversity Certificate Program

Chancellor's Making Excellence Inclusive Program:
Staff and Faculty Diversity Certification

The eight-month "Making Excellence Inclusive (MEI) Diversity Certificate Program" will guide participants through a series of learning activities designed to emphasize the commitment to diversity and inclusion as a core value in an increasingly diverse campus environment.

The program is developed around the belief that individuals learn most effectively when they discover, understand, and apply their new knowledge to real world situations they face in the university environment.

  • Workshops - led by leading authorities representing a broad cross-section of diversity topics

  • Discussion Sessions - participants share their thought on the topic areas

  • Capstone Projects - create a practical application of the concepts; develop an innovative project that will expand knowledge on a selected diversity topic

  • Project Presentation - demonstration of participants' understanding of the "Making Excellence Inclusive Diversity Certificate Program" 



Eligible participants must have completed their probationary period and have an endorsement for participation from their department.


Program Partners

The offices below work together to support the MEI Certificate Program:

Sample Projects

Making Excellence Inclusive: Graduate Student Diversity Certificate Program

Program Partner