Thirteen female members of the Latina/Chicana Staff and Faculty Group (LCSFG).

Latina/Chicana Staff & Faculty Group (LCSFG)



To promote a strong Latina/Chicana network and community at UC Riverside. Develop awareness and positive engagement among Staff and Faculty; Share professional development and leadership opportunities. Serve as a network and communications channel among Latina and Chicana women employees at UCR.

Founding Members: Jeannette Ordonez, Ana Coria, Marlenee Blas and Cristina Otegui.

2020-2021 Executive Board

2020-2021 Academic Year Meeting and Events

LCSFG hosts major events every quarter and hosts monthly Comadre luncheons.



Campus Partners

Chicano Student Programs
Director, Estella Acuna

Chicano Alumni Association

Chicano Latino Alumni

Staff Assembly
President, Dennis McIver