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Learning Resources

UCR prides itself on the excellence of its diverse student body. However, there are many ways in which the campus culture can hurt and invalidate those from minority groups. The resources below are provided to give an introduction to the kinds of harms we might commit when we allow implicit biases to govern our actions. Feel free to share this page and print and distribute the information sheets provided here.

Inclusive Organizations

We value diversity at UCR, however, there are subtle ways that organizations can culturally undermine efforts supporting diversity and inclusion. Below are just four of the characteristics to look out for in your units and some suggestions to help counter these characteristics.

Signs of and Antidotes to Perfectionsim and Sense of Urgency

Inclusive Conversations

A “call out” is a public announcement to an individual or organization that their speech or behavior has negative implications or consequences for marginalized groups. Call out culture developed on social media as an opportunity for community learning. The tips below will help you make the most of the opportunity to learn if you are “called out”

Inclusive Conversation Poster Sample

Inclusive Language

Because our language evolves and develops as a part of our culture, many words and phrases connote prejudice or were derived from prejudiced situations. Actively avoiding language with racist, ableist, or sexist origins is one way to promote an inclusive environment. While it is impossible to strip all of our language of negative connotations, it is possible to be mindful of how seemingly innocuous language can be exclusive and demeaning to others.

Inclusive Language Poster Sample

Inclusive Classrooms

As professors and instructors at UCR, there are many ways to bring principles of inclusivity into the classroom. Our diverse student body is one of UCR’s greatest strengths and the tips below will help you think critically about how your classroom supports success for all of our students.

Inclusive Classrooms Poster Sample