UCR campus in the fall with tree leaves turning a bright red and framing the Bell tower.

Disability Network


The University of California Riverside Disability Network was established in 2021 to build a community of people with disabilities and their allies and increase awareness of issues related to disabilities, especially in professional settings. The mission of UCR Disability Network is to provide advocacy and informational resources as well as to cultivate the disability community through engagement, mentorship, and peer support. 

This group is open to UCR staff and faculty who identify as a person experiencing disability and their allies. Students who have questions about classroom and exam accommodations are advised to contact Student Disability Resource Center at sdrc@ucr.edu

Disability Network at the University of California Riverside strives to do the following: 

  • Increase awareness of issues related to disabilities and the unique experiences of people with disabilities, especially in professional settings. 
  • Build a community of people with any type of disability and their allies through social activities, gatherings, and mentorship. 
  • Create a personal and professional network for all UCR faculty and staff with any type of disability and their allies to promote recruitment, retention, and career advancement for people with disabilities. 
  • To promote educational opportunities for any UCR member on issues related to disabilities through workshops, panels, and social activities.
  • To provide guidance for UCR members or job applicants with disabilities on resources available to them at UCR. 

If you would like to join UCR Disability Network, please fill out the interest form . For questions, email us directly. 

Meet Our Team:

Katie smiling at the camera, outdoors.

Katie Estrella, M.A.

Women’s Resource Center Program Coordinator

Katie earned her Master’s degree in Postsecondary Educational Leadership-Student Affairs from San Diego State University. In her current role, Katie oversees the Graduate Mentoring Program, volunteer and internship programs, and facilitates programs through a feminist lens. Katie is passionate about creating welcoming spaces for all students and helping students engage in meaningful experiences that will prepare them for life after college. As a member of the disability community, Katie is passionate about creating spaces and opportunities for people with disabilities to thrive in their professional careers. She hopes the Disability Network at UCR will bring together the disability community and allies to enhance disability pride, access, and awareness.

Yelda smiling at the camera, outdoors.

Yelda Serin, M.A., Ph.D.

Graduate Student Resource Center Coordinator

Yelda works in the UCR Graduate Division, GradSuccess unit. She manages the Graduate Student Resource Center and the Graduate Quantitative Methods Center, providing academic and professional development programming to UCR graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and supporting them to achieve their best during graduate school and beyond. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and an M.A. in Higher Education. As a member of the disability community, Yelda recognizes a need to increase visibility of and representation by people with visible and invisible disabilities in professional spaces. She hopes that the Disability Network at UCR will bring together a community of people with shared experiences, as well as their allies, to promote awareness, pride, and inclusion of people with disabilities.