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2014 Campus Climate Survey


Campus Climate Task Force Presentation

An open campus meeting of the UC Riverside Campus Climate Task Force, featuring Dr. Sue Rankin of Rankin Associates, was held on May 28, 2014. At the meeting, Rankin presented a report on the results of the Campus Climate Assessment, including the major findings of the survey and how UC Riverside compares with other schools across the nation.

A PDF of the PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded and viewed here

Dear Campus Community,

UC Riverside has long been acknowledged as a nationwide leader in campus diversity. But that doesn’t mean we can sit and rest on these accolades. For that reason, we welcome the results of the UC Systemwide Campus Climate Survey and look forward to identifying issues and implementing changes that will allow us to continue to be recognized for our commitment to excellence and inclusion.

I have charged the UC Riverside Campus Climate work group, chaired by Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Excellence and Equity Yolanda Moses, to review the report and make recommendations about how the campus should proceed to myself and the EVC/provost no later than the end of spring quarter, 2014.


Kim A. Wilcox

The University of California Campus Climate Study is believed to be the largest, most comprehensive survey of its kind. Encompassing students, faculty and staff from each of the 10 UC campuses as well as laboratories and administrative offices, the survey presents a snapshot of the learning, living and working environments throughout the UC system

The links below will allow you to download a PDF of the complete University of California and the UC Riverside reports. All 13 reports may be found on the University of California Office of the President's survey results website.

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  • The full report will be reviewed by Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox and members of the Campus Climate workgroup, which was formed in 2013 and was responsible for the design of our campus questionnaire. 
  • The chancellor will decide who he would like to add to the existing workgroup.
  • The augmented workgroup will be responsible for reviewing the report and making recommendations to the chancellor about how to proceed.
  • The workgroup should be able to carry out its charge by the end of the Spring Quarter 2014.
News About the Survey
Workgroup Members:
  • Chair: Yolanda Moses, associate vice chancellor for Diversity, Excellence, and Equity and professor of anthropology
  • Sheryl Vint, faculty, English
  • Jane Ward, faculty, Women’s Studies
  • Margaret Nash, faculty, Education
  • Elaine Wong, faculty, SOBA
  • David Cocker, faculty, Engineering
  • Richard Seto, faculty, CNAS
  • Manuela Martins-Green, faculty, CNAS
  • James Sandoval, VC, Student Affairs
  • Joseph Childers, dean, Graduate Division
  • Jadie Lee, Assoc. VC, Human Resources
  • Elizabeth Sanchez, interim director, Labor Relations
  • Ruth Jackson, director of  Library (emeritus)
  • Robert Wolfer, president, Staff Assembly
  • Vincent Tran, staff,  Institutional Research
  • Kris Lovekin, staff, Strategic Communications
  • Erica Jiang, associate director, OFSAA
  • Gary Coyne, staff, Undergraduate Research
  • Gladys Brown asst. VC, Diversity, Excellence and Equity