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Diversity is a key component of a significant cross-section of courses that cover ethnic and gender studies, music and arts of indigenous peoples, languages, socio-economic impacts, history, literature and a complete spectrum of locally relevant, global-thinking academic programs including:




Cultural Centers

Whether you are a member of one of these groups or just interested in learning more about them, these organizations offer a wealth of knowledge and support.

 Check them out here:


Additional clubs and organizations on campus can be found HERE.


First Year at UCR

Once you’re in at UCR, the excitement of the student experience has just begun. The first year is one of the most transforming, and sometimes scary, times of your life. But hundreds of other students just like you are going through exactly the same thing. There’s always comfort in numbers and especially in new friends. So, at UCR, you’ll find an academic environment based on safety and based on a cross-section of personal support services. Among the many options are:


International Programs

UC Riverside recognized the importance of academic and social interactions with different cultures. It is proudly partnered with many universities throughout the world. UCR is dedicated to create opportunities and international education for students, faculty and scholars that are interested in studying abroad.

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