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Chancellor's Diversity Education Program - Making Excellence Inclusive

MEI Program 2014

To apply for this year's program, please visit the Making Excellence Inclusive program page.

The six-month "Making Excellence Inclusive" program will guide participants through a series of learning activities all designed to make the subject matter "come to life". The program is developed around the belief that individuals learn most effectively when they discover, understand, and apply their new knowledge to the real world situations they face in the university environment. With this in mind, the program includes the following learning elements:

  • Workshops - Led by leading authorities representing a broad cross-section of diversity topics.
  • Discussion Sessions - Prompted by stimulationg questions, participants share their thoughts on the topic areas.
  • Outside Readings - To enrich the understanding of the topics discussed in the workshops.
  • Capstone Projects - To allow for a practical application of the series concepts, each group produces a white paper and poster on a selected diversity topic.
  • Project Presentation - Participants will have an opportunity to celebrate and demonstrate their new understanding of "Making Excellence Inclusive."

Visit Making Excellence Inclusive "Poster & White Project":

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